Network Security

Network Security

Your network is a gateway to your business's information. Ensure your network is properly locked down & inaccessible by unwanted guests. XIRGO's Network Security Service audits your business's network & ensures that all back doors are locked.
VPN Connection

Safe Connection Between Offices

Use a VPN or Virtual Private Network to communication between a main office and satellite offices. This service provides a secure network for offices to communicate. Although the Internet is used, it is private because the link is encrypted and convenient to use. A medium sized business seeking for a security way to connect to several offices will find VPN services convenient.
Malicious Traffic

Block Malicious Traffic

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that nearly 18% of network attacks are targeted towards companies with fewer than 250 employees. "The Black Box" provides networks the ability to block malicious traffic by filtering web content and by securing your network against malware & other forms of attacks.
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Security Included with Plans

Medium Business & Fully Managed IT Management Plans include "The Black Box", giving XIRGO the ability to monitor your network security from its nerve centre. During the setup process, our techs perform a network audit & make the necessary adjustments to secure your network.