IT Management Plans

Take Precautions, Go on a Plan

On average, a customer invests the equivalent of several months of support on a single incident before rethinking his spending strategy. Be smart, and go on a plan from the start. Monthly subscribers get access to a wide variety of services at the fraction of the single-request cost.

In addition, Medium Business & Fully Managed subscribers get access to XIRGO's
"The Black Box" - giving you the perfect IT solution for you business. Monitor your employee's Internet activities, block incoming malicious traffic to your computers & optimize your network from the start with XIRGO's Network Optimization Service. Moving your business's IT Management to a monthly XIRGO plan is simply the best way out for "IT". See Monthly IT Management Plans »
Continuous Backups

Backup Solutions

XIRGO's Always Back-Up service puts forth a new level of backups for your business. Your computer & server files are continuously backed up throughout the day. It's almost like having your own clone at all times. More Details »
Emergency IT Support


An event occurred and you're in trouble. Your network is down, workstations don't power & software is malfunctioning. Not to panic, Emergency techs will calm the situation with an assessment of your problem. More Details »