"The Black Box"

Time is Money. Don’t Let Procrastination Affect Your Business.

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Did You Know...
Did You Know...

Salary.com reported that the average worker admits to spending
nearly 1h a day outside of breaks surfing the Internet for personal
reasons. Doesn’t that sound like a waste of time & money? Not to
worry, "The Black Box" resolves these issues for you...

Direct Benefits For...

  • Performance Keeps Employees Productive

    "The Black Box" allows your business to block specific websites or categories from being accessed, making your team efficient at their workstations.

  • Virus Protects Against Viruses

    "The Black Box" shields your network with advanced options to minimize the risk of computer infection by viruses or spyware.

  • Speed Up Speeds Up The Network

    "The Black Box" allows the enabling of web & network caching, allowing employees to view specific content quicker if someone else had previously accessed it.

  • Trouble Keeps Employees Away from Trouble

    "The Black Box" allows the enabling of torrent restrictions. Certain individuals may simply be unaware that such activities are deemed illegal.

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