All Questions

  • What is a support ticket?

    We manage support request with a ticketing system. This allows us to properly manage and queue requests as they come in.

  • How do I submit a support ticket?

    A support ticket can be submitted by 3 methods - emailing [email protected], loging into our support portal or by calling us directly.

  • Can I call XIRGO support instead of submitting a support ticket?

    Phone support is normally reserved for priority support, however you may call in to have a support ticket created for you.

  • What is the cost of a support ticket?

    Some support tickets are included in our IT Management Plans. For non customers, support tickets are defaulted to helpline support ticket service which is billed at $130 per ticket.

  • What is the cost of calling XIRGO for support?

    Calling in for support is primarily reserved for priority support, however you may call us to have one of our techs create a support ticket for you which will be queued for support.

  • How can I pay my bill?

    You can pay your bill by login into our client area located at the top right of this website.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards, paypal and check payments.

  • Can I get on an IT management plan without a contract?

    We currently do no offer IT Management Plans without a 1 year minimum agreement.

  • Do I have to return "The Black Box" after my contract is over?

    Yes, "The Black Box" must be returned to XIRGO upon termination of the contract.

  • Can I keep "The Black Box" after my contract is over?

    You may purchase "The Black Box" from XIRGO at the end of your contract. Please contact your account manager for pricing.

  • I'm on a management plan, can I schedule a tech to come fix our issues on-site anytime?

    On-site visits are at the sole discretion of XIRGO and will only be used once all remote capabilities have been exhausted. On-site visits initiated by XIRGO are free for our Fully Managed clients. All other managed clients get access to our reduced pricing of $100 / hour..

  • What is the cost of additional hardware installations?

    XIRGO's IT Management Plans do not include installation of additional hardware. Please contact your account manager to get a quote.

  • Are integrations free for Managed clients?

    No, all new integrations are charged with the exception of the Always-Backup service.

  • What is considered to be an integration?

    An integration is considered anytime you're looking to expand, add a new service or device to your network.

  • What happens if I add a new computer to my network during a 1 year contract term?

    If you are paying monthly for the service, the additional computer will be added to your next months bill. If however you are paying bi-yearly, the price of the additional computer will be added to your next payment. Meaning you get support for a computer for free during the months in between.

  • What are you normal operating hours?

    We are open 24/7/365, however our regular operating hours are from Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM.

  • Are there any extra cost for after hour support?

    Yes, XIRGO charges for after hours support at a reduced rate of $120/hr for remote work and $128/hr on-site work (managed clients only).

  • What does the guaranteed response time mean?

    This is the guaranteed time a tech will contact you with a solution.

  • What does the Activation fee include?

    The activate fee includes the installation of "The Black Box" along with the documentation of the network. You can see more about the process here.

  • Why doesn't the Small Business plan not come with an activation fee?

    The Small Business plan does not include the installation of "The Black Box" or an initial on-site visit. For this reason the activated fee is waived.

  • Do I need to repay the activation fee after my 1 year term is up?

    No, the activation fee is a one time fee.

  • My company uses a special CRM software, will you support it?

    Industry specific software is not included in our support plans, however if you require us to support your software please see our custom solutions section.

  • What is a rushed on-site visit?

    The rushed on-site visit is referred to same day support. We will have a tech dispatched to your location almost right away to resolve your issue.

  • What is supported computers?

    A computer that is supported by our IT Management Plans. It is eligible for support by one of our support staff.

  • What does "The Black Box" management include?

    Everything from configuration to hardware repairs are included in "The Black Box" management. You may request additional changes to "The Black Box" at any time.

  • Can I purchase management without "The Black Box"?

    You may purchase management without the "The Black Box" only if your business is requesting support for 5 or less computers. If you are requesting support for more than 5 computers, we require for you to have "The Black Box". This ensures that we can provide our customers with the management they require.

  • What does network management include?

    Optimizing, securing & monitoring are some of the key elements we cover.

  • Who installs the remote control software?

    For both Medium and Fully Managed plans, a XIRGO tech will do the installation of the remote clients during his initial visit. The Small Business users will be required to follow a short step-by-step installation in order for XIRGO techs to promptly respond to future support requests.

  • How do you calculate the monthly minimum costs?

    You take the cost per computer & multiply it by the minimum amount of computers included in the plan. For example, the Fully Managed Plan requires that you have a minimum of 11 fully supported computers at $60/pc which makes the minimum of that plan $660/month.

  • My organization has 10 computers, however I would like to support only 5 of them. Is this possible?

    In order for XIRGO to properly manage your network/computers, it is much more effective to support all the computers in your organization. If however there are computers that aren't being used, we can exclude them from the network by leaving them turned off.

  • What is included in the Windows Update Management?

    XIRGO will make sure that all computers on the network are properly up to date and all security patches are applied.

  • What is End User Ticket Creation?

    XIRGO allows your employees to submit support requests from their own accounts. This reduces the need to designate a "middle man" in your organization.

  • What is your Password Management?

    Proper Password Management has always been an hassle for businesses. Something as easy as knowing what your passwords are can save you time and money. This service is offered so that you don't have to worry about it. We will keep track of all your systems passwords and upon request send you an up to date list of all your system's passwords.

  • What is your License Tracking?

    Like Password Management, License Tracking is a service where we keep track of all your license keys.

  • What is your Hardware Vendor Service Coordination feature?

    If you have an issue with your internet connection for example, we will coordinate with your ISP to resolve the issue without you needing to worry or worry about it. The same goes for all hardware warranties.

  • When is "The Black Box" installed?

    "The Black Box" is installed during the second visit once your business' network has been fully documented.

  • Who manages "The Black Box"?

    "The Black Box" is fully managed by XIRGO in the Medium Business and Fully Managed Plans.

  • What do we manage on "The Black Box" by default?

    By default, we manage everything on "The Black Box", from the hardware to the software. If for example you require an additional site to be blocked or flagged, we will make the necessary adjustments for you upon request.

  • What is enabled on the black box by default?

    On our first visit, you are handed a questionnaire asking you how you would like the black box to be configured. Our technicians will then configure "The Black Box" to fit the needs of your business requirements.

  • Are there any extra Premium features that I can enable?

    "The Black Box" has many extra Premium features that may be enabled at an extra cost. These features are used in rare cases where the business requires very custom setups.

  • Can I get access to "The Black Box"?

    By default we do not give our clients access to "The Black Box". In exceptional cases, we can provide an administrative account to the desired user. It's important to note that any misconfiguration by the new user will be charged extra if it requires adjustment by the XIRGO team.

  • Does the black box protect again all viruses/spyware/malware?

    Like any anti-virus today, "The Black Box" will protect against most viruses/spyware/malware but not all. It's when both anti-virus systems and proper training/awareness are combined that we see the greatest results. It's for this reason that we provide training to all employees upon our first visit.

  • Can I request the blockage of additional websites after "The Black Box" has been installed and configured?

    Yes, simply submit a support ticket and a tech will happily get this sorted for you.

  • How is "The Black Box" hardware covered?

    All hardware on the black box is covered in the event of hardware failure. We will replace the box completely at no additional charge. There are however requirements to be eligible for this coverage. See the minimum requirements for "The Black Box".

  • Can I opt-out using "The Black Box"?

    "The Black Box" enables our staff to manage, monitor and resolve issues on your network quicker & more efficiently. For this reason "The Black Box" is required for businesses with more than 5 computers.

  • What are the minimum requirements for "The Black Box" hardware coverage option?

    In order for us to fully cover any hardware repairs, "The Black Box" must be behind a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). If you do not currently have a UPS in place we will be happy to install one for you at an extra cost.

  • How do I request Emergency! services?

    You may request Emergency! services by calling our toll-free number 1.855.44.94746 and dialing extension 911. This service will get you instant access to a technician and if needed get a tech quickly dispatched to your location.

  • Do you provide Emergency! services 24 hours a day?

    Emergency! service is available 24/7/365. A minimum of 2 hours is required for Emergency! on-site support during off-hours.

  • How do I know that I need a on-site visit versus a support ticket?

    Ask us! A tech will quickly be able to determine if your issue can be resolved remotely or if it will require a visit.

  • What happens if a tech cannot fix the issue remotely?

    If a tech cannot resolve your issue remotely, we will contact the client and recommend a visit. Only once the client accepts will we proceed with the visit.

  • What happens if the issue fixes itself before the tech arrives?

    We will refund the client 50% of the charge.

  • What happens if the issue is hardware related?

    XIRGO maintains relationships with suppliers in Montreal. If it turns out that it's a hardware issue, we will coordinate with our suppliers to get a replacement unit as quickly as possible.

  • When am I billed for the Emergency! servicing?

    You are billed for the Eemergency! servicing prior to it being started.

  • How does the Emergency! on-site Tech visit work?

    You can request Emergency! servicing by ordering the service from our website or by calling our toll-free number 1.855.44.94746 and dialing extension 911. A representative will first take down your company details and write a report about your issue. An invoice will then be generated which will have to be paid before a technician begins the work.

  • How often are my files backed up?

    By default your files will be backed up during off hours. It is possible however to have it backed up every minute if required.

  • Where are my files backed up to?

    When being backed up, your files travel through an encrypted tunnel over the Internet into our state of the art datacenter facilities manned by 24 hour security as well as closed circuit camera systems. Once your file reaches our facilities, it is spread over multiple servers and drives to insure maximum redundancy.

  • Can you view our files?

    Before your files access our data storage servers, your files are encrypted with a key that only you know. When it arrives to our secured facilities your files are encrypted and are inaccessible by our staff. You are the sole authorized individual who has access to the files.

  • Can I restore files on my own?

    Yes! We will teach you how to restore files. It's as simple as just a few clicks.

  • Can I backup multiple computers on a single account?

    Yes you can backup 2 or more computers with a single account.

  • How secure are my backups?

    Offsite backups are one of the safest ways to backup your files. Your files are kept in a state-of-the-art datacenter with fire suppression units, backup generators, and diesels backup power generators. Only a limited amount of people have physical access to our servers.

  • How long are my files backed up for?

    By default your files are backed up for 30 days. We can alter the retention time if you require certain files to be backed up for longer or shorter periods.